Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review of Pearl

Pearl is an aptly named oyster bar on Cornelia Street. My lady and I sat at the bar because we were hungry and cold. A nice warm bouillabaisse would warm us up quite nicely. But it wasn't the broth that caught our eye... it was the potato strings. These strings were off the chain. They struck an amazing balance between delicious homemade potato chips and french fries. Very salty. We ate them before our entree along with mussels. The mussels were very good as well, simmering in a wine and lemmon sauce

Five guys and one woman go on a fishing trip. What did they catch you ask? Well, the guys didn't catch anything but the woman came back with a red snapper.

Ahh, red snapper. We ate a pound and a half of fresh red snapper for dinner (please forgive the joke). It was cooked to perfection. Juicy, delicate textures made my tongue do the fandango.

Overall, I would rate Pearl highly. The meal came out to $92 for the two of us (including two beers and two glasses of wine). Oh, and there was an ice cream sunday for dessert. I didn't want to tell you about that.

The ambiance was good. Better than some of the other fish-centric establishments that I have graced with my presence. But Cornelia Street has many fancy options to indulge in and I look forward to testing more waters in the West Village.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funkee Dream

So last night was an interesting one.

I was late for work and left wearing sneakers, some board shorts and a ratty polo. For some reason, it didn't occur to me that this attire was not going to fly with my bosses. I got around the corner and realized that I had to turn back to change. But to get back to my apartment I had to go through a skate shop and through a side door. Then I had to go through another random door in a bike shop.

I then had to get out of this neighborhood but didn't know my bearings. An Asian lady was putting barbed wire across the street and I couldn't jump over it so I had to crawl. Some major alarm system (city wide alarm system) went off and I couldn't hear myself think. I had to take refuge in the closest house. All of my friends had shown up to hang out but we couldn't talk because of how loud the alarm was.

Anyway, the climax was when this woman who was sitting in a chair confessed to me that she was indeed, a werewolf and that she had to reincarnate herself through me and her children needed to eat my hands. So she brought in her children, who, by then, had transmogrified into various beastly creatures. I found all of this hilarious. Especially the kid who didn't really have a face but rather a huge mouth covered in razor sharp canines.
My hands being eaten from little werewolf kids, I blacked out and woke up in a black and white world where all of the kids had grown up to be one nice leave-it to beaver style family - all of their hands were huge.

The mother, who was old by then - said goodbye - and I woke up.

Oh - so back to reality. I had walked through the SUPREME Skate shop a couple days ago and next door to it is an awesome bike shop.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo Phabulus

You better enjoi these cause they take forever to upload (they is big).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm sorry.... so sorry... My own Blog Review

So why the pathetic title? Well, I have not updated you... (you being my blog and you being my reader[z]).

Since this blog is heavy on the reviews, I figured to add some artistic self-reference. Hence, I will now review my own blog!

First thoughts: This blog has not been updated in a while (minus one). But that said, some of its' posts are timeless, so this is not so much of an issue (plus a million).

Second thoughts: The author is an egotistical jerk for thinking that he could review his own blog (minus one). However, to review his own blog and then talk about how this review makes him egotistical only adds further layers of self-reflection (plus a googleplex).

Third thoughts: This blog is going no where fast (minus two). And yet, self-deprecation is so hot right now (plus two point-oh-one).

Good review no?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Bars

Ok - I am going to start documenting some of the bars and restaurants that I go to in NyC.  I will try to have an even share of bars and restaurants, just to be fair.

So - first, let me start with Dos Caminos.  There are a few of them in NYC.  They have incredible guacamole that is freshly made to order... but it costs 12 dollars extra... hay-zeus.  Andy and I went there tonight (Monday, March 10th, 2009) and I had these little soft fajitas with some amazing pork and grapefruit mix.  The food was damn good.  But again, the expenses were absurd...  6 dollars per Pacifico... in Wichita that shit would cost like two bucks.  The ambiance was ok.  A little cheesy as you could tell it was a chain.  But this is a chain with only 3 different Dos Caminos and only in NY.  We went to the lower east side for a random bar - which was the...

Blue and Gold Seventy-Nine Bar.  Super Divey.  It was on seventh street close to first ave.  The bartender was kind of a bitch... she wanted to see my id and it took twenty minutes to get a drink..  Then we took a chance and got a pitcher of the house beer.  It was shit.  Tasted like bud light.  Cue in the bad Sting song "Fields of Gold" to make the experience even more confusing.  The crowd was a lot of LES dirty hipsters... the more downbeat depressing type.

We played quarters to try and make the other person drink the ill swill.  And left soon after the pitcher was kicked.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Amazing knife skillzzzz

I am going to do some practicing... once I git meselph sum fancy dancy knife from the land of the rising sun...

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yea, so a lot of people make lists and they seem unachievable.  But the difference with this is...  I plan on doing these friggin things.  Oh, and they're not in any particular order of importance. After throwing some ideas around - I figured I should group them in their respective temperate zones.

Cold Climates - 
1.  Climb Mt. Everest.
2.  See the Aurora Borealis
3.  Howl at the moon in Antarctica (can I even see it there?)
4.  Drink Yak's milk from the pail of an indigenous tribe.

Tropical Climates - 
1. Make love while SCUBA diving with stingrays
2. Dive the Cenotes in the Yucatan (cave diving and making love would be too dangerous)
3. Learn to skipper my own vessel and sail her around the Caribbean. 

Ummm... "other" climates
1. Drink good scotch in Scotland
2. Have a baby or three. 
3. Eat sushi in Japan and then protest their whaling efforts

more to come